The chair

In the middle of a not at all crowded white room with see-through windows from the ceiling to the ground facing the port- there is this chair.

It is an IKEA chair. Its name is Bojne and it is part of their Design Collection. The chair is made out of pure blond “stained” wood, metallically screwed-up and with a burlesque-like seat.
There is an ideal with IKEA, something about D&D… democracy & design.


This bag is on the chair. It is a 24 or 48 hours… In grained brown leather, zipped & clipped and sealed ESSENTIEL.
The 1999 Belgian born brand that exquisitely delivers preppy-casual and preppy & casual style for savory people.


In the bag there is silver.
The designer trio from ATELIER 11 have conceived and linked this bi-tone silver-green chain bracelet with contemporary magnificence.


Later on I found a neck wrap. At least two tartan prints in one. MONSIEUR MAISON is the brand.
Artistry remix, handmade and with fondness, of vintage noble fabrics and with star people inspiration, like this one named Clark Gable.


It is a matter of politics… Shades should be, weather issues put aside, constantly in a gentleman’s bag.
From DUNHILL, green glasses on genuine wood arms.


“So I say, thank you for the music, the songs I’m singing…” and also thank me for grabbing out of the bottom of this bag the sage green headphones from URBANEARS.
They say it is urban headphone couture…


I did not get this LES TARTES DE FRANÇOISE pie out of the bag, but since I’m a pie ‘foodista’ I will have to go for that…
I Like the way it looks at me… it turns me on…


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