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Another Man – Vehap Shehi

Vehap Shehi, Architect, Brussels-Belgium


Photography: Ana & waty – Click on the image to enlarge


Vehap is a young talented architect living in Brussels, he works for the “Atelier d’architecture Bruno Erpicum“. We photographed him in his future home which he is currently refurbishing.


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  1. What’s Vehap holding?

    • It’s a pen :)

    • The essential, a black one!

  2. So Ve Hap is an art-chitect?

    • No doubt about it, Vehap has a real talent : he understands the deepness of the art and knows his work…furthermore, he is able to illustrate -, to give an image of his vision – which becomes, simply an answer for everyone.

  3. Great guy. I would be proud to have my house build by you.
    You appear very confident and mature.
    Thank you

  4. Nice!

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