Beautiful Ornament By MY BOB.
This is the brand that stimulates you to make an inspired use of your head.
MY BOB are the Brussels based Geoffroy Moreels and Alberto Ibarretxe, who joined charisma for better headwear.
Since 2010 they create along the same lines they see & do things. Globetrotting the world, “devouring” landscapes & colors, they grow the positive style of life and some insatiable appreciation for craftsmanship.
Moreels’ fascination for the panama hat and Ibarretxe’s visual skills implies that wonderful is the object that perches on the edge of your head.


For Spring-Summer 2012 they boat-cruise from the Mediterranean and through the Atlantic to the Caribbean.
Among this symphony of materials & tones that their imagination offers, we chose to show you these 24 hrs panama hats in aquamarine, fuchsia, green or natural…


“The best place in the sun is in the shade”, they say.
Run away from sultry places, wearing your jeans or not, your tee on or off, it’s all on your head…

Image source: MY BOB

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