The study…

Since its inception, PERSOL is a class & highest Italian quality synonym.
It takes thirty days and some thirty-seven manual steps to create a pair of Persols. It is artistry from craftsmanship, technology & dedication.

Capri is a history, nature, culture blend and social ecstasy place to be for legends like Greta, Sofia & Rita…
On the rock perched east side of the island stands Casa Malaparte, an astonishing case of Italian architecture. The house was designed in 1937 by Adalberto Libera for Curzio Malaparte, a notorious Italian journalist, dramatist & diplomat.

The Casa is «a red arrow at the horizon», integral part of nature as it follows the course of the cliffs in a boundless infinity.

When brilliant architecture becomes unique design, PERSOL creates the Capri Edition.

The suggestive atmosphere inspires delicate details of this pair.

New Arrow Victor
The silver arrow was redesigned to recall the perimeter’s shape of the Casa.


Meflecto system in C shape
This patented technical detail, symbol of PERSOL, was inspired by the curved shape of the terrace.



Temple tip detail
The back-end of the temples are etched to emulate the stairs leading to the rooftop.



Unexpected & refined…

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