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Henry Timi: Rough, Aesthetic and Perfection

Not just a brand, not just furnitures, Henry Timi, is first and foremost a whole vision ally to the value of simplicity and constantly searching the aesthetic perfection.

They favor the beauty of materials, shapes and functions using natural materials to revert to the pristine state of things.

A whole way of behaving, of living letting the being express itself.


There was only Claudio Silvestrin to design “LE LACRIME DEGLI DEI” (the tears of the gods).

This poetic and almost religious vision gave birth to this multifunctional and modular island in stone.


Rough and clear-cut, all the new technologies have been integrated in.


All is done to bring out the essence of materiality; doors with « push and pull » systems, sink made of stone, even a tap integrated in the stone.


A sheet of glass crosses the stone worktop suspended in the air.


The “I BAULI” multifunctional containers have been design by Mario Nanni. He “thought about these objects as volumes, guardians of our dreams but also our needs”.

The containers, presented in natural birch, can hide a kitchen, a wine cellar, a dressing, a storage…


The simplicity of the design allows to hide the function of the object, giving it the status of an independent design object.

Image source: Henry Timi

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