GUSMEN features for the first time Peppe Pex, a young talented Italian photographer that says it all.
“I want to be a meaning seeker, a bit baby and a bit adult, as much rational as sentimental, opening other worlds’ doors and discovering the most unexpected truths”.
Pex was born in Sicily. As a child he shows a great passion for art and mythology. He approaches photography during High School and studies Arts. He got his bachelor degree at DAMS for entertainment arts and art history and in parallel he studies anthropology.
His photographic research is focused on the human figure in terms of visual, social and anthropological aesthetics.
In front of his lens, this time, is Carfora, born in Caserta in 1984 and moved to Milan when he was 20 to take part to various beauty contests. He has been crowned Mister Gay Italy and Europe in 2006. After a long London staying where he was working as a model, he is now back to Italy where he works as a sales manager for major brands. His friendliness and warmth are major features.

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