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Ben Sherman: Sixties Pool Party SS17

The Sixties Pool Party revisits 1960s poolside style with brand DNA touches for the modern man. The collection features a hand-drawn British Hawaiian floral shirt taking you from poolside to party. For high…

Nike’s Latest Video: the Power of Love

Nike’s Latest Video: the Power of Love

Nike’s latest spot sees a number of sports digitized into a series of flickering neon-colored animations. Directed by Luca Finotti, the video is a part of Nike’s #WeBelieveInThePowerOfLove campaign and merges animation with…


The Endless Summer of ANTWRP

Sixties and Seventies flashbacks rule the ANTWRP summer 2016 collection. A swing vintage feeling referring to the golden oldies. Surfin USA sounds so modern through palm prints and store inspired stripes. California then…

Pop It Up with SWATCH

Where does time go to? According to the new Swatch POP Collection, a zillion different destinations. These eye-catching watches have pop-out heads with a mind of their own. One minute they’re ticking along…

00_ONeill x Liberty


Two icons meet in unexpected grounds. Liberty and O’Neill come up with a quite surprising combination. Prints well known for their abundance of colors and, why not, for the romantic message they convey…

WE – Spring/Summer 16

It’s a season thing to go summer-wild even in the smartest circumstances. WE celebrates a fresh summer start based on a suit that is sharp, straight and unquestionably cute for a boys to…


TRENDS SS 16: the Stripes and the Checks

Two prints that have crossed generations, these are the stripes and the checks. Seen everywhere and worn by everyone they create perspectives and visual games. Those are prints that we have seen large,…

SUN 68 – Ten years

And the best is yet to come. SUN 68 is now a street wear giant. This vintage polo that get it all started was undoubtedly a success alert. Ever since, the brand is…

Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger Tailored Collection SS 2016

Tommy goes on exotic holidays this summer 2016. Those 50s holidays where the preppy goes together with the easy-going. A collection inspired by destinations like Honolulu and Palm Springs. Suits, blazers and light…


TRENDS SS 16: the Bomber Jacket

This is one emblematic wardrobe item. The bomber jacket has been through years of style experimentation. In the beginning a casual piece in khaki synthetic fabrics over a t-shirt and nowadays offered under…

Fred Perry unveils New Collaboration with Nigel Cabourn

Fred Perry announced their third collaboration with Nigel Cabourn launching this Spring/Summer ’16. The collaboration celebrates both Fred Perry LTD and Nigel Cabourn Authentic’s UK manufacturing roots from the 1950s and 1970s respectively….


DENHAM Active Recovery Denim for Men

This is about Stretch. Stretch is about movement, comfort and balance.   Dynamic highperformance and natural cottontouch have becomes benchmarks of modern denim. What may have seemed impossible just a few seasons ago is…


FLOATING by Kris Micallef

There is something compelling about the vision of Kris Micallef. He captures the person, he captures the body, but also the sense. Through his lens all is beautiful with the right proportions of aesthetic vigor.

Comfortably Numb by Niklas Förster

Here’s a story by Niklas Förster, first timer in GUSMEN and inspired talent. Niklas captures life sequences, staging them in the ironically realistic way. It is not about deflecting reality. His images go…


DUEROS: the Scapular is Back!

A unique piece by its aesthetics and significance, the Scapular is back, designed by the duet Mehdi Bouziane & Kosta Janusi under the brand DUEROS. Mehdi and Kosta offered their own modern vision…


Michael by Richard Kranzin

We are delighted to feature one more time Richard Kranzin. Michael surrenders to his lens for an almost explicit content and this is where Richard’s success lies.


Summer 2015 Eyewear Trends by Jean Pol Lejeune

  July 2015, burning sun is around and sweaty skins lie down on sandy places. Temperature is rising. A selection of shades to cover your suave eyes and a sole accessory for a…

Kris Micallef – ” FUSION II”

There you go for part II of the Fusion story of Kris Micallef. One last part of the water odyssey Kris got us into. A fusion of elements and bodies, all in one…


Kris Micallef

Kris Michallef, the kind, generous, inspired and, that goes without saying, talented artist delivers a series of images that GUSMEN will feature in two parts. A preamble to this very anticipated summer. A sensual feast, shot underwater or a choreography that leaves us breathless from desire.


Based on the Golden State spirit and the freshness of spring, ESPRIT comes up with a collection full of whites. Light and refined materials, comfy and easy to wear. A careless and elegant…

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