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The Vipp Shelter Keeps You Focused on Nature

The Vipp Shelter Keeps You Focused on Nature

Who never dreamed of escaping in a shelter in front of a lake surrounded by trees. Vipp made this kid’s dream possible. The Vipp shelter is going back to basics: back to nature…

Amangiri - View fr Sand Dune

Architecture and Scenography: Breathtaking Views on a Timeless Nature

Amangiri Sothern Utah is an Adrian Zecha-inspired design in collaboration with architects Rick Joy, Marwan Al-Sayed and Wendell Burnett. The resort, a place of authentic experience taking his beauty from two natural elements,…


Henry Timi: Rough, Aesthetic and Perfection

Not just a brand, not just furnitures, Henry Timi, is first and foremost a whole vision ally to the value of simplicity and constantly searching the aesthetic perfection. They favor the beauty of…


When a Purist Architecture Magnifies the Nature

‘Twins: houses in five parts’ is a project designed by the Boston based practice William O’Brien Jr. This two vacation houses for two brothers and their families is located in upstate New York,…

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