[REVIEW] « Good Mourning » by Florence Minder @ National Theater – Brussels

Florence Minder is on stage at National Theater – Brussels till 22nd December with her solo act “Good mourning”. In March 2011, the National Theatre of Brussels had given her “carte blanche” for…


“The Children of Jehovah” by F. Murgia @National Theatre – Brussels

50′ to denounce the indoctrination, that moment of extreme vulnerability and fragility that makes us switch. Inspired by a distant family history Fabrice Murgia attacks on sectarian aberrations and attempts to understand its…


Miss Knife sings Olivier Py @ National Theatre – Brussels

The scene: At nightfall. In this paradise of sadness when men talk to tell what they do not dare to say at day, SHE appears, almost by accident, voice soft and seductive, wedged…


There Ain’t No Stupid Job @ TTO – Toison d’Or Theater

Do you like fashion? Are you in Brussels on the 12th of November? This might be of interest to you then. After the success of Boeing Boeing, the Toison d’Or Theater opens its…


Reviewing « Boeing Boeing » @TTO (Toison d’Or Theater – Brussels)

When I told my mum I was about to attend the Boeing Boeing‘s Première (see my previous post about it), she came with a “so funny, I saw that play when I was…


Long Distance Affair

“You can live without theater, but that doesn’t stop me from believing that theater is the most important pillar of the Universe” ( Liciu Ciulei ) Definitely, I cannot live without theater. No…

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