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FLOATING by Kris Micallef

There is something compelling about the vision of Kris Micallef. He captures the person, he captures the body, but also the sense. Through his lens all is beautiful with the right proportions of aesthetic vigor.


Michael by Richard Kranzin

We are delighted to feature one more time Richard Kranzin. Michael surrenders to his lens for an almost explicit content and this is where Richard’s success lies.


Summer 2015 Eyewear Trends by Jean Pol Lejeune

  July 2015, burning sun is around and sweaty skins lie down on sandy places. Temperature is rising. A selection of shades to cover your suave eyes and a sole accessory for a…

Kris Micallef – ” FUSION II”

There you go for part II of the Fusion story of Kris Micallef. One last part of the water odyssey Kris got us into. A fusion of elements and bodies, all in one…


Kris Micallef

Kris Michallef, the kind, generous, inspired and, that goes without saying, talented artist delivers a series of images that GUSMEN will feature in two parts. A preamble to this very anticipated summer. A sensual feast, shot underwater or a choreography that leaves us breathless from desire.


MICHAIL by Kim De Molenaer

Awarded as the sexiest Greek man, MICHAIL KAMPOURAKIS had a, long awaited by most of us, Belgian stay. KIM DE MOLENAER, with this 2nd photographic contribution to GUSMEN, initiates a torso story in neutral shades.

KIM DE MOLENAER – The Photographer Who Sees Beyond

This year, among the most unexpected revelations for GUSMEN has been Kim De Molenaer, the photographer and a “virtuoso” of lens sensibility and technical excellence. Kim studied photography in the prestigious Karel de…



Nahuel Perez Biscayart is the main cast in David Lambert’s “All Yours”. A movie about material and affective misery, where borderline human connections generate a radical and emotional script.

IMG_7703 - 2014-12-16 à 15-47-13


“I want to be a meaning seeker, a bit baby and a bit adult, as much rational as sentimental, opening other worlds’ doors and discovering the most unexpected truths”.



“Xenia” is the new film by Panos H. Koutras, the director of the offbeat sci-fi “The attack of the giant moussaka” and of the substantially touching “Strella”. He is back with this 4th wonder about two boys, two brothers wandering around adventurous life sequences to gain recognition.

Screen Shot 2014-10-30 at 11.51.15

Modus Vivendi presents the new Pride Line

Modus Vivendi has gone all out for its 2015 campaign and will be presenting its new collection in a huge 10-part series that literally spans the globe.


Richard Kranzin x Sebastian

Richard hits GUSMEN again. This is the fourth time and he delivers a series of angel face Sebastian.


Christian Sanchez by Jean-Pol Lejeune

The new Spanish kid on the block and rising star, through the vibrant TV series “Dreamland”, Christian Sanchez, was touring Brussels.

Willie Gomez01

New images by Karim Konrad with dancer Willie Gomez.

Karim Konrad is back in GUSMEN. After his recent shooting and his dip into desert lands, here is his refreshing story of Willie Gomez.

140604 Kilario 004


The 23 year old graphic designer from southern Brazil surrendered to his passion for photography still in the college years. He declares : “I’ve always been passionate…

Capture d’écran 2014-06-18 à 22.26.50

Pascal by Doris Doppler

Innsbruck based photographer, Doris Doppler, delivers a black & white fantasy. Pascal is lensed through a natural light, in a quite unique landscape that must be kept secret. Doris plays with a touch-caressing approach subjugating the skin and the spot…


KARIM KONRAD and the Dip Into Desert Lands

  Photographer Karim Konrad captures model Angus Hood in the Australian desert. An escape about masculine aesthetics and friendship as well. Karim is young & talented. Originally from Berlin, he resides all over…


Frederic Alabe by Patryck Lebrun

Fragrances • Winter Issue • Images by Jean-Pol Lejeune For Gusmen

Photographer: jean-pol lejeune for Models: Afrim • Benjamin • Boris Find more on facebook &


You’re So Fine

Off the runway and the question remains what am I to do? Vibes of tailoring are banging through my head and the idea to shift any Savile Row guideline becomes revealing.

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