Photo Shoots

MICHAIL by Kim De Molenaer

Awarded as the sexiest Greek man, MICHAIL KAMPOURAKIS had a, long awaited by most of us, Belgian stay. KIM DE MOLENAER, with this 2nd photographic contribution to GUSMEN, initiates a torso story in neutral shades.



Nahuel Perez Biscayart is the main cast in David Lambert’s “All Yours”. A movie about material and affective misery, where borderline human connections generate a radical and emotional script.



“Xenia” is the new film by Panos H. Koutras, the director of the offbeat sci-fi “The attack of the giant moussaka” and of the substantially touching “Strella”. He is back with this 4th wonder about two boys, two brothers wandering around adventurous life sequences to gain recognition.

Screen Shot 2014-10-30 at 11.51.15

Modus Vivendi presents the new Pride Line

Modus Vivendi has gone all out for its 2015 campaign and will be presenting its new collection in a huge 10-part series that literally spans the globe.


Richard Kranzin x Sebastian

Richard hits GUSMEN again. This is the fourth time and he delivers a series of angel face Sebastian.

Willie Gomez01

New images by Karim Konrad with dancer Willie Gomez.

Karim Konrad is back in GUSMEN. After his recent shooting and his dip into desert lands, here is his refreshing story of Willie Gomez.


Twisted Stud

Grungy and punk-ish references surround this winter’s universe. A revolution style-call with all codes remaining the same and just a twist to make it happen.

To The Rock

Photographer BERNARD BERTRAND Fashion Editor YANNIS GIOTAKOS Hair & Grooming AURELIA VANDERMEULEN using YSL Cosmetics Model ALEXANDER DE BLOCK @ Creative Consultant BRAHIM RACHIKI Photographer’s assistant FLORENT VALLES Fashion assistant ALEC MARTIN…


Photography by LAURENT EVRARD assisted by LAURENCE DEBRAS Fashion Editor YANNIS GIOTAKOS assisted by ALEC MARTIN Grooming AURÉLIA VANDERMEULEN using Yves Saint Laurent Model ARNAUD @ FLAG MODELS Production MAMAJUANA Retouching Yelle @…

EPIPHANY by Bernard Bertrand

EPIPHANY by Bernard Bertrand

The man on the ground reveals himself and never collapses. In the pursuit of an effortless aura he goes through a sequence of gradual intensity. A Christian demonstration of things? Besides any cultural…


Mission Black

There is an idea of black. Black is good for your mind, body & soul, black is power, sex & money, black is religion…

GUSMEN shooting marc paeps

The Cure & the Cause…

Everything happens for a reason… Despite any life rule, this is individual style, key looks, not seasonal nor mandatory.



Now is the time to give you a unique style moment in the country-side… The right blend of exquisite luxury & authentic beauty… HERMÈS.


The Gentleman Blossom…

Dear readers, this is a season opening and this Fall-Winter 2012-13 is a celebration, an ode to men.

dior-photoshoot-gusmen-vila-empain 6


Intoxicated by seduction….Kris Van Assche for DIOR HOMME reached the level of Less & More.



A man in a suit… An icon figure from father to son, an every-day vision of charm, sexiness and bold appeal. This is a style wanderlust. A suit in the mood of the…


The Jacket Evidence

Photography: Ana Pla Deu & E.M. Waty Fashion Editor: Yannis Giotakos Model: Davide Bartoli Vintage Biker Jacket Bracelets THOMAS SABO

Jarmo-gusmen-model-black-hair-ana-pla-deu-waty 6 (1)


There’s a caveman in this Dutch boy…


Jarmo II

See more Dressed and Undressed pics. Photography by Ana Pla Deu and E.M. Waty


Jarmo I

See more Dressed and Undressed pics. Photography by Ana Pla Deu and E.M. Waty

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