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Hautes Alpes: A Complete Change of Scenery

Image source: Hautes Alpes Tourism Board

Into the Wild: A Journey to Lapland

Image source: Images JCVW, Text RB JCVW


I Believe I Can Fly!

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The Medal Hunters

As I was in the forest, I just saw a very weird spectacle! Guys chasing each other on cross-country skis, with a rifle on their back. They seem to be very fired up….

Long Live The Kings – Short Film Documentary

Long Live The Kings – Short Film Documentary

Directed by Clement Beauvais, “Long Live the Kings” is short documentary shot on super 16mm. It is relating the hopes and desires of those who go for a motorcycle road trip. The journey…


In the Footsteps of Marco Polo

« Insha’Allah we shall land at Islamabad international airport in twenty minutes… », the captain informs us. Looking out of the window we can see the minaret of the Faysal mosque, the largest…


Queen of the day

The crowd holds its breath. We are in the Roman amphitheatre in Martigny, Switzerland to watch “Le Combat des Reines”. The queens in question are cows, all of the Hérens breed, dark in colour and powerfully built.


You are secured only by a 9 milimetres thick rope, hanging in the void on an overhanging cliff. Your hands start to sweat so the holds on the rock become slippery. Your strength…

Doors of Oman

“There are things known and there are things unknown, and in between are the doors of perception.” Aldous Huxley Imagine driving a 4×4 in an oven, the seemingly interminable desert track ahead shimmering…


He could disappear soon!

One of the consequences of global warming is that the polar ice caps are melting. Melting to such an extent that they are now forecast to disappear forever in the near future. The…


Breaking the ice

In summer ‘Trip in the Night’ is a waterfall. But by February ice has replaced the running water giving Stephane, a rough tough Swiss ice-climber, the notion to climb it together. This is…


Frozen landscapes

I have walked to the North Pole and climbed mountains all over the world, but nothing could prepare me for the biting cold and savage beauty of the landscape around Lake Geneva last…


Powder and Pizza!

The last couple of days it had snowed so much on the Italian side of Mont-Blanc that I couldn’t find where I had parked my car in Entrêves. According to my friend Pete…

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