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The Art of Cardiff

You probably don’t associate Cardiff as a destination for art lovers. The capital of Wales in the United Kingdom has traditionally been an industrial hub – the port through which Welsh coal was…


Four Reasons to Visit Seattle

I was recently in Seattle to play water polo in the annual championships of the International Gay and Lesbian Aquatics association (IGLA). I normally play with the London Orca team but for this…

Sporty Gays Head to Antwerp

You might not think of Antwerp as being one of Europe’s top gay hot-spots, but the city’s international profile received a boost when the world’s sporty guys descended en masse. This attraction was…


A Summer Break in London

To be fair, London is not a city that would come top of many people’s lists when you mention “summer mini-break destinations”. It’s rare that London is blessed with heat-waves of uninterrupted warm,…

Hotel Lone: Croatian Oasis for Outdoor Living

Enticed by the fragrant Mediterranean forests and warm waters, the ancient woodlands and wave-lapped coves of Croatia’s Adriatic coast are a magnet for holidaymakers. Like a luxury cruise liner nestled on the hillside,…

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Athens Pride 2013: Time to Discover the Greek Goddess‘s City!

Athena is Ours! Athena, the Warrior Goddess of Wisdom is the very spirit of Athens. The Parthenon, the temple built in her honor, is a global symbol. This year, Athens Pride embraces and…

For the First Time Ever: Tel Aviv Pride All Access Pass

All major parties and excursions under one ticket for the first time in Israeli pride history. The city where it’s always summer is gearing up for pride week with an array of various…


Jules & Jim: A Room with a View on Paris!

    Based in the Marais in Paris, near famous gay bars, museums, art-galleries… this new hotel, designed by architect Henrich Fitger, is arranged around a cobblestoned courtyard. A tasteful ensemble of glass,…

Into the Wild: A Journey to Lapland

Image source: Images JCVW, Text RB JCVW

ICEHOTEL in Jukkasjärvi : The World’s Coolest Hotel?

Every winter, artists from around the world gather in Jukkasjärvi, northern Sweden, for an art project that has become known as ICEHOTEL. For this, they borrow about a second of water from the…

Last Call for ISCHGL: A Lifestyle Island for Winter Sport Enthusiasts and Party Animals!

Winter came and it was the perfect time for a break! My boyfriend and I decided to go for a weekend to Ishgl in Austria for the a few days. Ischgl is rated…

Hotel SEZZ Saint-Tropez, France August 2010

Hôtel Sezz Saint Tropez: The Wellness Way on the French Riviera

Being slim, healthy and glowing from the inside has been in, since let’s just say the end of the Renaissance. In other words, a very, very long time. So it’s never too late…


I Believe I Can Fly!

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Brand New Design Hotel in Oslo: The Thief

Oslo has been robbed of the mundane, and the entire city is buzzing with excitement. The offender is none other than THE THIEF, the city’s first waterfront hotel, opened January 9 on the…


The Arosa Gay Ski Week, Europe’s First Winter Pride Festival – January 6th-13th 2013

The 9th annual Arosa Gay Ski Week is the premier gay and lesbian winter ski vacation situated in the picturesque mountaintop village of Arosa, Switzerland. Last year, I had the opportunity to join…


A Reflexion of Self at 11 Mirrrors – Kiev

One mirror by itself is just a shiny surface. But bring many mirrors together and the result is a multifaceted, seemingly infinite series of reflections that change every time you look. 11 Mirrors,…


The Medal Hunters

As I was in the forest, I just saw a very weird spectacle! Guys chasing each other on cross-country skis, with a rifle on their back. They seem to be very fired up….


More Summer?

You can’t talk about Morocco without reminding people of the amazing experiences of those who have seen this breathtaking land. The new interactive video “The Country That Travels Within You” of Morocco’s advertising…

Louis Vuitton City Guide 2013: Paris

Louis Vuitton City Guide 2013: Paris

After Tokyo, New York and San Francisco, the Louis Vuitton City Guide to Paris features around 600 thoroughly revised addresses, all of which capture the kudos of the extraordinary capital of France. Encompassing…


A New Door to Historic Tokyo : The Gate Hotel Kaminarimon

Centuries of creative change and growth define the northeastern Tokyo neighborhood of Asakusa, from its time as the center for Kabuki theater during the Edo Period to its legacy as a Japanese entertainment…

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