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The Alfa Romeo Giulia Veloce: A Tailor-Made Car for Anyone Bored of German Design

Few car-making nations provide a finer-looking four-wheeled breath of fresh air than the Italians. Yet, unlike some of its predecessors, the Giulia shouldn’t be dismissed as an oddball or irrational choice, even if…


Alfa Romeo 4C: The Latest Sexy Italian Racer

Alfa Romeo returns to the Geneva Motor Show 2013 with a spectacular booth that unfolds like a winding, dynamic road, the ideal place to present the world première of the Alfa Romeo 4C,…


Mito TwinAir: Two Cylinders, Really?

The Mito Twinair is a latest ultra-efficient petrol version of the stylish Italian car brand. Alfa Romeo has broadened the appeal of its Mito model by adding Fiat’s very own 875cc turbocharged TwinAir…

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