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CHANEL’s Campaign Film Starring Pharrell Williams

CHANEL’s Campaign Film Starring Pharrell Williams

Pharrell Williams has made history by becoming Chanel’s first bag campaign male model. In a short promotional film (see farther below), the super-producer can be seen treating the backstage area of a concert…

Replay Denin Bag 1

REPLAY The Denim Bag

What better way to add a touch of irony to your look and make you feel special than this generous denim shopping bag! It all started with a pair of jeans: unpicked and…


Beach Highlights

There is no place like a sand beach. And there are not less options than anywhere else to make it though the sun. Flashy and color blend all over your body. Tee from…



Urban, practical and organized with a multitude of compartments, pouches and pockets. With zips and black tie pleated metal finishes that contrast with the matte and supple calfskin. Image source: Dior Homme


The Getaway

And it is going to be casually glamorous! Because we have gathered a bit of the “crème de la crème” labels and their relevant items for you to getaway for New Year’s eve…

Your hot wish…

Dear Reader, This is a wish list… All the items you could use this summer for your exciting stay underneath the sun. It’s a sun-packing hysteria… Practicalities first. HERMÈS luggage with the Calèche…


You’re not a warrior…

… a fighter, a soldier or any other fashion uniform slave you dreamt of being. This outfit is another beach version you may consider for the next few weeks or months. Something slightly…


Let’s go Red and Face the elements safely!

Let me introduce you to this Red Duffel Bag by The North Face.

What is its major PLUS?

Being 100% waterproof.
It has been designed to accompany you in high humid environments and places.


The chair

In the middle of a not at all crowded white room with see-through windows from the ceiling to the ground facing the port- there is this chair. It is an IKEA chair. Its…

Another theory… by DIOR HOMME

Lately DIOR HOMME made us discover the weekend look. A travel-suit theory with a glimpse of sportswear & classical elegance (see Discover by Dior Homme Part 2, DATE 13-12-2011). 24H is long enough…

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