Arsenal – One Day At A Time

[wide][/wide] Arsenal is known as one of the most popular bands in Belgium. Formed in Belgium in 2001, Arsenal released their first album, Oyebo Soul, in 2003. A hit in Europe, the album featured a vast array of styles as well as the track “A Volta,” which was featured in the American television series Six Feet Under. Oyebo Soul led to a hit follow-up album, 2005’s Outsides, featuring the collaborative talents of Aaron Perrino, Gabriel Rios, and Chi Zang. Another ‘mélange’ of world sounds and pop stylings, Outsides — and its subsequent live shows — won the band more fans, and Arsenal were voted best live band at the Rock Werchter Festival. In 2008 Arsenal continued their winning streak with album number three, Lotuk.

With Lokemo, album number four, Arsenal has, if not rediscovered, then at least redefined itself. Not in the least because Hendrik Willemyns and John Roan granted themselves absolute freedom this time.
“If we felt like making an ambient-track, we just went ahead and did it. But if the next day a song came about that wanted to be rock, no problem!” says Hendrik. And that line probably sums up the essence of the group, because there’s no other band that can switch between styles and genres as easily as Arsenal can. You could call that eclectic… or multi-faceted… concepts that don’t stray far from the truth.

Take ‘Melvin’, the first single where guest singer Shawn Smith, in his own inimitable way, unleashes his hopes and regrets. With a chorus that locks in your head and a voice that will make you giddy all over. But even more than that, the sum of the parts sounds funky and sensual. Sexy, even.
‘One Day At A Time’, a song that announces the summer like the first swallow announces the spring! Even the video of the track was just out for the fall season!

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