Dj Mike Kelly


Born in Sydney, Mike hit the decks with turntablist and clubber/raver friends in 1993 driven by Sydney´s vibrant underground house and rave scene. His audio taste spectrum is eclectic, his mixing energetic, his style a hybrid fusion of progressive, house, tech, tribal and related sounds. Musically he attempts fusion in orgy, as hypnotic melodies interweave; bass-lines propel the energy forward; sensual-spatial environments encompass the air; romantic imagery warm the soul, and his technical skills heighten the intensity.

Mike headlined Mardi Gras’s Party seven times as well as rocking his main residency (Indulgence) and countless other residencies and gigs in top Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane’s hotspots until 2005, when Mike moved to Germany on a musical exploration tour.

He only followed the sounds that penetrated deeper than his ears. Mike’s sound and mixing styles developed extra dimensions and smooth precision. In this voyage of sound he sought a travelling community of bohemian future-music lovers…and found them. Within six months, he was snapped up as resident of Germany´s top progressive club (Greenkomm), and a now-infamous boutique event in Brussels (Naughty).

Mike now is on constant tour across Western Europe, Australia, and even Israel at premier events: Infinita Festival, Space Of Sound (Madrid), Amnesia (Milan), Love Parade (Dortmund), Gorgeous & Gay Village (Rome), Circuit Festival (Barcelona), and Hustlaball (Berlin).

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