LED lighting system for bicycle wheels

[wide]Revolights -LED  wheels for bike[/wide]We all know it: when it comes to biking in town, the major issue is to be seen and save our ass sometimes.

For many of us, riding our bikes in the dark, in crazy towns or in the countryside can be sometimes risky and scary counting only on the headlight – so far away from the ground it’s supposed to illuminate.

And that’s what clearly inspired the Californian start-up Revolights and its inventor Kent Frankovich focusing on cycle safety with their new bike lighting system.

Today the majority of nighttime bike-car collisions result from 2 related factors: the inadequate side visibility of the cyclists, as well as drivers’ inability to recognize bicycles on the road. There was path for a brilliant idea that combines path illumination and effective bike-signaling which aim to significantly increasing biker safety.

Frankovich and his team have been developing a prototype and the project was launched in August on Kickstarter – a worldwide funding platform for creative projects.
The idea is: two hoops containing LEDs, clipped onto bicycle rims. The lights blink on and off at a rate controlled by the speed of the cyclist, and are powered by lithium-ion battery packs mounted to the hub. The effect is that front half of the front wheel and rear half of the rear wheel are illuminated, which projects light both in front, behind and to the side, increasing visibility for the cyclist while making it visible to others on the road.

Revolights hopes that the product will be available by the end of the year 2011.
Such innovation is more than welcome. Till then just have a look at the video showing Revolights in action

And as new ideas emerge, advertisers are never far away wondering how they can possibly use them for their own clients.
Major label Warner Brothers used bikes with LED lights in their wheels to promote the launch of the movie Green Lantern in Brazil in August 2011.

Image source: Revolights
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