Ivo Dimchev, the ‘enfant terrible’ of the performance scene

[wide][/wide] Bulgarian performance artist Ivo Dimchev makes raw, physical productions in a colourful mix of performance art, dance, theatre and music. He has received various international awards for his work, which can be seen in many countries both in and outside of Europe. Having completed the two-year Master’s course at Dasarts in Amsterdam, he currently works from Brussels, where he set up the Volksroom performance studio. With his muscular, androgynous body and high, falsetto voice, Dimchev combines the seductive and the wretched, the tragic with the comic, serious and parody, to create heavily layered, poignant productions.

Even in the 1970s, the Viennese artist Franz West started to create adaptable objects, so-called “Paßstücke”. These portable objects made of gauze and plaster are only complete objects of art when someone uses them for something. The Bulgarian performer Ivo Dimchev has taken the opportunity to turn them into a solo.

Viewing the sculptures he tries to understand them, touches them, dances with them, sings to them and thus makes them communicate with his body, which in turn is the basis of his own art. “I-ON” is the solo version of the group piece “X-ON”, which will be first performed at ImPulsTanz 2011.

2011 -13/14/15 October – “X.ON” Belgium -Premiere – Brussels/Belgium
2011- 14 December- “I-ON” Barcelona / Spain
2012 – 12- 14,16 February- “X-ON” – Frascati / Amsterdam / The Netherlands


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