Gotye – Somebody That I Used To Know (feat. Kimbra)

[wide][/wide] Australia’s Gotye is spearheaded by singer-songwriter Wouter De Backer. The project’s last two albums have proven to be pretty eclectic, incorporating shades of indie pop, soul, trip hop, and more.

The new single from Gotye’s new album, Making Mirrors, reveals another surprising influence for the project. The instrumentation on “Somebody I Used To Know” reads like an acoustic indie pop tune, but the hook and melody sound close to something Peter Gabriel or Phil Collins would put together back in the day.
The experimental uses of flute, cowbell, and coinciding verses makes for a dense, filled out song that erupts with the frustration of being screwed over. The large helping of melodic power slowly creeps up and seizes the senses.
Fellow Australia resident Kimbra is also featured on this track, providing a voice for the ex-girlfriend Wouter De Backer is singing about. Watching her appear in this video is pretty thrilling as well, because it’s almost as if Wouter is afraid to hear her feelings on the situation.

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