Vétiver – Christian Dior

With Vétiver, the new exclusive fragrance from “La Collection Couturier Parfumeur”, Christian Dior has now its own “Vétiver Extraordinaire” in a couture laser-cut interpretation. This is “Vétiver Essential” in its purest shape – no facets, no additional notes, nothing but the raw and brutal natural material, no chi-chi at all!

Dior’s perfumer François Demachy is the creator of Vétiver. He took the Vétiver, a very purified essence, where only the woody dry notes are present (not the smoky Java facet), and combined it with the most obvious bitter note, grapefruit. This is the whole perfume, a short and concise idea, a third only Vétiver underlined with a robusta coffee note. The drydown reveals a very fragile woody-coumarine-ambery facet and a soft musky note, an accord that can be found in the very recent examples from Givenchy and Yves Saint Laurent. François Demachy takes the modern perfumes built around the Vétiver note and he extracts their essence – this is how Vétiver is done today, like a standard note before the ornaments: “Vétiver can be used in a thousand ways; this time, I wanted to make it hedonistic. It is the unexpected combination of robust, almost rough Haitian Vétiver with South American Robusta Coffee, a note evoking pleasure the way we like to smell it in the morning”

This Vétiver is not a very outstanding original perfume, but it smells extremely good and essential, like the most basic suit you can imagine, done in a couture atelier.

Image source: Dior parfums
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