A Song For The Party After the After-Party

[wide]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aIVKhsyfWwc&feature=player_embedded[/wide] Earlier this year, Mike Simonetti released a limited-edition picture disc of disco re-edits called “I’m Getting Too Old for This Shit”. Age has nothing to to with it, but the New Jersey-based founder of the labels Troubleman Unlimited, Italians Do It Better, and, most recently, Perseo, has without a doubt enjoyed a lengthy and meandering role in the world of relatively underground music. For all the many releases Simonetti has overseen at his labels, ranging from hardcore to Italo disco, Capricorn Rising is the first record of original material to appear solely under his own name.
Italians Do It Better head honcho Mike Simonetti got his start in the New York City underground house scene in the late 1980s. As a teenager he promoted parties at the legendary dance club Mars. 20 years, countless edits, mixes and DJ gigs around the world later, Italians Do It Better is pleased to present Mike’s first slice of original music. “Capricorn Rising” features songs for the dancefloor and the party after the after-party. If you’ve caught one of his infamous DJ sets, you know he can keep the dancefloor playful, heady and obscure all at the same time. His recordings are equally eclectic. Alternating between pulsating rhythms and atmospheric clouds. He blurs the lines between major, minor, and motorik.
This track gallops along relentlessly over sheets of distorted guitars and weather patterns. So good!

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