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Having helped design two of the most elegant electronics in history, the iPhone and the iPod, Apple alumnus Tony Fadell is now setting his sights on the least sexy device in our homes: the thermostat. “These are really cellphones,” Fadell said of his thermostats. “These have almost all the capabilities of the iPhone.”

The circular thermostat called Nest is simple to use and smart enough to study homeowners’ schedules and adjust to save energy. It goes on sale in mid-November and can be pre-ordered on the web. It’s compatible with about 90% of home heating and cooling systems.

The silver thermostat is round and squat, slightly wider than a soda can, with a black screen that glows red or blue when cooling or heating. There are no buttons, no grayish-green glow, no boxy frame and no excess numbers. The round screen displays the only temperature, a semi circle indicating the temperature range and, when in its energy-saving mode, a small green leaf.

To set the temperature, users can either press and rotate the outer ring of the device, or tap their phones: The WiFi-enabled thermostat can be programmed from anywhere in the world using an application available on iPhones, iPads and iPod touch devices, and, eventually on Android-powered gadgets as well.

Users can also control Nest from the company’s website by setting up an online account.

Nest will be sold for less than 250 €

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