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The Miniot Case is an ultra thin and lightweight wooden case with an integrated lid that doubles as a three-way stand. Its curves, wooden buttons and an all-new hinge design add a seamless feel to your iPad2, combining protection with a stunning appearance!
Every case is carved with great precision and care from selected woods. Because of this, and because no two pieces of wood are alike, each Miniot Case is truly unique.
Miniot, the company who makes this case, uses the finest wood species available, obtained from well-managed forests, and certified supply. And created its products in their studios in Schagen, the Netherlands.

With its built-in reinforcements, this case is rigid & lightweight. A smart wooden hinge flips the lid 360° and integrates lushly with the case.
All buttons, even the slider, are made out of the same piece of wood and placed recessed in the case for convenient operation. To enhance sound quality while preserving elegance, they drill 228 tiny holes in each Miniot Case. The lid doubles as a stand. Its built-in magnets wake your iPad from sleep and fold the lid flat to the back for comfortable handheld use.
The meticulous hand polishing gives it a smooth finish and ensures a tight-snap fit onto your iPad2. And because wood is completely transparent to any type of radiation, and insensitive to static, optimal performance of your iPad2 is guaranteed.
And the best is still coming: when you order it, you can ask Miniot for a free message engraving.
The Miniot Case is available in walnut, cherry and mahogany.

Image source: Miniot
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