Wild and trash!

[wide]gusmen.com rebel 4[/wide] [wide]gusmen.com rebel 5[/wide] [wide]gusmen.com rebel 2[/wide] [wide]gusmen.com rebel 3[/wide] [wide]gusmen.com rebel 1[/wide] Stephane Olivier, Nil Hoppenot, Enok Groven, Andreas Sjoqvist, Fredric Johansson, Jake Hold and Edgaras Madaminovas, captured by the lens of Tobias Scheuerer, for a wild shooting!

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Production and creative direction by Tom Rebl and Tobias Scheuerer.
Production assistance by Ivan Vassilenko and Ragnhild Marie Aspen.
Grooming by Santina Scheuerer. Props by Pusherchair by SE77E.

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