Long Distance Affair

[wide][/wide] “You can live without theater, but that doesn’t stop me from believing that theater is the most important pillar of the Universe” ( Liciu Ciulei )
Definitely, I cannot live without theater. No matter if I am happy, sad, angry, depressed, alone or in love, a good play nullifies everything. I live the story, I empathize with the actors, I clear my head and then… everything seems lighter, better, simpler. For me, theater is the best catharsis.

In recent years I started to feel the need to experience different types of modern, non-traditional performances in in non-theatrical spaces. In my search for diversity I came across an on-line project that roused my curiosity. ‘Long Distance Affair’ is Ana Margineanu’s concept and explores the question – what can you get from one person when all the information you get comes through a computer screen?

21 artists from 12 countries decided to take this virtual adventure. The audience, in this case, is no bigger than 27 people that can book the ticket and watch on-line 9 actors from 9 different countries performing from their private homes. Everything about the project is fully presented and supported by the site of The Internationalists, a collective of directors from around the world who create a more open, sustainable and interactive global theatrical community.

Meet the actors and if you like the concept, book your ticket!

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