Sans Sébastien: pop life is coming!



Cyril and Nicolas, young Parisian adventurers, form a duo named Sans Sébastien, a sort of continuation of Saint Sébastien, a pop rock band formed by Cyril that released two EPs in the 2000s. The “Saint” experience ended with a last concert featuring Lio, in the “sentier des Halles” in Paris. They come back and become “Sans” but this time, they present us tracks with tones of pop and electro music, reminding us of Jacno or Kraftwerk, on an album entitled “Jeunes et Beaux” (meaning young and beautiful). No doubt they are young and beautiful but one may also qualify them as deliciously offbeat, decadent, frivolous and sparkling, just like the bubbles in their glasses of champagne, the vital beverage, the elixir of youth with aphrodisiac qualities in which they have been reveling since they were born. On top of that, they composed the soundtracks of Christophe Pellet’s “Weinberg” and Anthony Guilbert’s “Mirabilis”.

Image source: Sans Sébastien
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