Sepalcure – Pencil Pimp

[wide][/wide] Brooklyn’s Travis Stewart (bka Machinedrum) and Praveen Sharma (bka Braille and founder of Percussion Lab) comprise Sepalcure, a group supremely adept at transforming their love of “90s diva house vocals and wooden snares” into beautifully swirling ostensible UK bass music.
“Pencil Pimp” is the first cut from their forthcoming debut album as Sepalcure.
Billowing pads form like dampeners around the frantic percussion while a soulful vocal weaves throughout the mix, sometimes prominent, sometimes distant and ghostly. Elements are introduced and explored, sometimes abandoned, giving “Pencil Pimp” a sense of momentum, anchored by shocks of bass.
The pretty but puzzling video, clearly symbolic but hard to decipher, was directed by Norway’s Thor Erling Brenne. “Pencil Pimp” comes from their self-titled full-length debut, out in the end of November.< .br />

Video source: Vimeo
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