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We are proud to introduce Achraf Amiri, the hidden son of the Addams family.
He has designed a special banner exclusively for GUSMEN (above), below you will see a series of illustrations by Achraf and you will begin to understand his peculiar view of fashion. His illustrations are dark and twisted but also sexy and subversive, very sarcastic and totally in tune with today’s lifestyle.

Born in Brussels in 1988, Achraf Amiri is a young creative-minded person who loves to express himself in various artistic ways.
He studied at Sint-Lukas, Brussels, he’s an Art Director and Graphic Designer, but most of all, he’s an Illustrator.

Inspired by fashion and the world around him, Amiri always interprets his work with self-reflection. He goes from the macabre to pure irony, Amiri’s illustrations are more than simple drawings, the procure real emotions.

Maybe he’s a wizard, a little bit morbid, a little bit romantic, a little bit sexual…

His illustrations give the impact of a magic potion that affects the senses and the heart, transporting people to his fairy-fashion world which is overflowed by fantasy-filled impulses.

We were able to ask Achraf Amiri a few questions:

GUSMEN: What’s the first thing that you do when you get up in the morning?
AA: Mmmm… must I really answer honestly…? Well like everybody I guess, look at the colour of the sky and the weather.

GUSMEN: What’s the last thing that really surprised you?
AA: In a positive way: I’m not very easy to be surprised, everything is so predictable to me.
In a negative way: Lady Gaga’s workshop at Barneys New York, she didn’t contact me for collaborating. (I’m just kidding…)

GUSMEN: What are you focusing on at the moment?
AA: On a new personal little secret project… but coming out very soon!

GUSMEN: What do you want to achieve in the future?
AA: Only the future can answer us.

GUSMEN: What would you ask the next artist that we interview (without knowing who he will be)?
AA: “Who are you?”

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