“Je veux sentir ce qu’il y a derrière l’air”* Jean-Claude Ellena
This is the expectation of the exclusive creative “nose” for “Hermès Parfums”.
In this House of chic & luxury it is quite moving to follow the evolution of the Hermès essence.
10 is the number of the Hermessence olfactory members. The one sequels the other.
Like a liquid scent alchemy in these small bottles arty-objects, the collection is available exclusively at Hermès stores world-wide.


Exclusivity is uniqueness. As a superstar you may compose in boxed sets of four or twelve 15ml, according to your desires & taste.
And/or have a leather case, like a “fourreau” in a 100ml.


*”I want to feel the essence of what lies beyond air”

Image source: Hermes
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