Another Man – Martin Lewicki

'Another Man' is our first on-going photographic series for GUSMEN. The idea is to build a collection of photos of men sitting, each holding an object of their choice. This can sound a bit awkward at first but a man's posture says a lot about him.
[wide]Martin Lewicki, Publisher, Berlin-Germany


Photography: Ana & Waty – Click on the image to enlarge
Martin Lewicki is the publisher of the first “Printed Gallery for Contemporary Art”. We met him in Berlin last December and he was quite enthusiastic to be featured in our new Gusmen project “Another Man”. The limited edition of 5,000 numbered copies contains the work of 15 young international Artists. Fighting Spirit “Kampfgeist” is the theme of the first edition & it’s now available in hardcover, 216 pages, at €100, -, ISBN 978-3-00-033907-3, to order from any bookstore or from
Oh! did we say we are also featured in the fantastic book he holds in his hand? No we didn’t, what a coincidence!

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