Taylor Berrett – Anchor Chasing

Just one year out of high school, Taylor Berrett is making quite a name for himself on the music circuit. He’s just a bit over 18 and comes from Virginia, USA.
“I think the diversity [in my music] comes from me being a little ADD when it comes to settling on a sound. I listen to everything-dramatic classical songs, stripped down piano songs-I’m always interested in the pursuit of different ideas,” Berrett said.

Indeed, Berrett’s music ranges from tidy Jason Mraz-esque pop to tight R&B stylings worthy of any Justin Timberlake track. But even if he borrows ideas from these artists, Berrett’s music is all his own.”I do write all my own music. Every once in a while I’ll do cover songs, but in terms of songs I record they’re all original,” he said.
Berrett also plays guitar and dabbles in piano, but it’s the former instrument that truly inspires his creativity. “I mainly play guitar. I took piano as a kid, but I got interested in guitar really through my favorite blues music, especially B.B. King.”
In his new video for “Anchor Chasing,” singer-songwriter Taylor Berrett sings a fall-at-the-beach lovesong to the girl of his dreams. They sit by the water, and he makes a lot of those promises everyone wants to hear, and everyone hopes to one day want to make.

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