Rural Dining Experience in Your City Apartment

Picnics are super cool, but not always convenient if you’re faced with bad weather or you live far from green areas. To turn every meal into a picnic (with out the invasive insects), Haiko Cornelissen Architekten designed this sod-covered aluminum table to bring the outdoorsy experience right into your apartment. And don’t worry about spilling your water during occasions of fine-dining — it’ll help the grass grow!


The farm-to-table is made from aluminum with square legs and a tray-like table top. Stones sit at the bottom, which is topped with soil and finally a layer of sod. Watering the sod is done by hand and drains down into the stones. Sunlight, irrigation and interior climatic conditions all determine the status of your table. Unfortunately, no table-sized lawn mower exists, so cutting the grass is all done by hand with scissors. The table could also be reasonably planted with herbs, flowers, wheat grass or even sedum for a low maintenance experience.


The Amsterdam-based firm describes the table as “a surreal experience of nature in the city that literally transforms dining.” Nature is an elegant backdrop and table decorations suddenly become passe. Go green!


Image source: Haiko Cornelissen
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