New Lancia Ypsilon: the Italian Chic Supermini

Last December, during my Christmas shopping, I tested a small, organized, slightly snobbish, new car, one you would love to drive: the new Lancia Ypsilon. This new Lancia confirms the approach that has made the fortune of the two previous generations. But this time, the recipe has changed significantly in at least one aspect: the new small, which I tested for a week in the top version, the 1.3 Multijet II Platinum 95 bhp, has added the ingredient to the formula of the modern city car.


The new Ypsilon was born on the same platform as the Panda and 500 models from which it inherits a large part of the mechanical parts. In addition to the new 900 TwinAir, the little four-cylinder diesel that I tested.
The overall design of the new Lancia Ypsilon was designed from the beginning to separate the different parts of the car to promote two-tone version in the boldest way, as elegant and attractive as possible. After all, the colour was not simply a matter of aesthetics for Lancia Ypsilon. Rather, it is part of a product philosophy based on elegance, glamour, personality, play, creativity, style, and the broadest range of customization options. And in the New Ypsilon it’s no exception, as its range of tones shows off the broader category, two turnovers, two of the three colors of layers, metal 4, 4-tone effect of metallic flakes Iris 4 two-tone.


Also, for those who wish to customize their new Lancia Ypsilon and make it truly unique, a wide range of high quality accessories are available. Not only do the accessories offer high-style and meticulous attention to detail, but they also go well with the car, in-line with the inimitable Lancia style -in full compliance with the technical characteristics, mechanical properties and style of the new car. From exclusive 16 alloy wheels, side skirts and a “Blue & Me-TomTom Live” package and accessories.
The design of the dashboard is created to highlight the contrast between the insertion of fabric that extends to its occupants, with the top, which draws the line of the windshield, and describes it as an amphitheatre. The construction of curves create the illusion of perspective with vanishing points located at the end of the instrument panel to accentuate its width.


This Italian compact car has 5 doors with a typical appearance of a 3-door and offers high standards of habitability and comfort: the car can accommodate up to five people and is one of the best in its class in terms of passenger space. Without increasing the size of the rear passengers, excellent accessibility and comfort have been achieved with the use of “thin seats”, a technology used here for the first time by Fiat Group Automobiles.


Therefore, the new car is an evolution of the Ypsilon in terms of technology, comfort, safety and ease of use, however, it maintained its position as “affordable luxury” with a list of attractive prices displayed.
The new Lancia Ypsilon has its sights set on becoming the alternative city “premium” in Europe, because it is designed for demanding customers who love to stand out from the crowd, but at the same time want a car that is nice and comfortable for everyday use, specially in high city traffic during the shopping season.



Image source: Fiat Group
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