The Young Professionals – D.I.S.C.O and more!

[/wide] TYP, the musical project from Ivri Lider and Jonny Goldstein, is a new kind of band in which music is their main passion but isn’t composed of musicians alone. Last September 2011, they released their first album in Israel and in Europe after working on it for more than two years. The Album includes 14 tracks in English that combine electronic music, rock, pop and dance. Their hit D.I.S.C.O, released in July, is just fantastic! The song contains a sample of Ottawan’s 80s anthem with the same name. In the video, you can recognize the fabulous Uriel Yekutiel, famous for his acts in the Arisa party video promotion. “20 Seconds” is the second single of the debut album ‘Whenever’. This song is a hypnotizing mashup of cool western electro and middle-east heat, in a nod to the band’s unique style and a wink to their regional influence taken from the album. If you don’t know them yet, listen and watch! Enjoy!

Image source: TYP
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