Pirelli & Burton Limited Edition Snowboard

Italian tire-maker Pirelli and snowboard maker Burton have teamed up for a little project. The project in question is the ‘Pirelli Pzero x Burton’ which will feature high performing Pirelli outsole built with Pirelli’s signature rubber compounds and a special tread pattern for optimum traction on the slopes. These snowboards are some of the lightest in Burton’s portfolio and will feature lightweight Burton Pirelli diode EST bindings which will provide superior comfort and performance for riders.


The glossy black finish and gold accents give it a nice finish touch and a high-end look. Both the snowboard and binding feature Pirelli’s distinctive gold and black accents, which were inspired by the daredevil and glamorous world of 1970s motorsports.


The inauguration of this limited edition snowboard will be done at flagship store, Pirelli in Milan. Apparently, the snowboard and bindings will only be available next fall in Milan at the flagship store.



Image source: Pirelli
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