Philips Fidelio L1 Headphones

Philips reaches a new pinnacle in sound with its first-ever Philips Fidelio headphones.
Philips has developed a range of high quality headphones based on their commitment of reproducing the sounds originally intended by the artist.


Carefully tested 40mm high-definition optimally vented neodymium speaker drivers for wide range and crispest sound engineered aluminum earshells to minimize resonance and vibration for precise sound, acoustic semi-open back architecture for natural sound and deepest bass. Speakers tilted to fit the ear for improved clarity, detail and to provide less multi-sound reflection. Frequency response tuned to discerning listener’s preference excellent noise isolation yet spacious listening experience designed for an ergonomic fit. Available in two models: one “Universal” and the other made especially for Apple devices. In-line mic and pick up control. High quality pouch for protection anytime, anyplace.

In an effort to blend design with technology, the Fidelio L1 aims to convey every pitch and nuance as it was created to provide a wonderful compelling audio experience!


Image source: Philips
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