Walk, climb and glide hills and slopes with HIVE snowshoes


The winter season being far from over gives you a good reason to read this 🙂

Have you already experienced snowshoes before?
Although snowshoes aren’t really something new, here’s one that makes the difference.

This brand-new product totally reinvents your pleasure of hiking in the mountains.
It combines a sliding surface to glide down slopes and hills with a specially-designed mechanism for climbing them back again.

Don’t worry. They are specially built in light material; you can carry them everywhere easily.

The traditional snowshoe is completely reinterpreted here.

OK, I hear you say: in what way?
Let me tell you more.

What does a conventional design of such shoes consist of?
A main body, a bond (with an axis) and claws.
They are all conceived that way.
And all the snowshoes the market have the same function: to distribute the weight of the person over a larger area preventing you from sinking deeper in the snow.

What’s the point then?
The innovation is here!
Not only can you walk with these snowshoes, but you can but also glide with them.
Two main reasons made it impossible to glide with classical snowshoes before:
• the existing toe hole (essential to be able to walk up)
• and spikes or claws at the snowshoe base (needed to climb the mountain safely)

HIVE combines these two functions into one convertible system. Isn’t that nice?

This new design has a plate at the bottom of the snowshoe – supported through edges or claw spikes.
It is located on the bottom when climbing uphill and can be folded up with the help of a hinge on the front which is connected to the plate and the snow base body.
The plate can thus be extended out to cover the entire toe hole.
Once covered, toe hole and spikes are no longer on the snow base.
The underside of the snowshoe is now tuned into a flat surface.

And this is it.

You didn’t get it?
Just have a look at the demo-video guys, it sometimes speaks clearer than words.

Ah, by the way, if you know similar products, or already have experienced them or have suggestions for future posts…let me know in the comments below.

Till next time, take care of yourselves.


Image source: HIVE GmbH
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