Goodbye Mr. Leonhardt

[wide][/wide] After Alexis Weissenberg went Gustav Leonhardt. Perhaps it’s because of the happiness that these two great performers have given me that I feel real pain in learning about their deaths, especially that of the second. The death of beloved artists, I’m not ashamed to admit, is often more painful than that of casual acquaintances, neighbors, colleagues, or distant relatives, with whom, after all, no closeness has never been created.

The sadness is even stronger since the link was installed during my adolescence, a period of strong impressions.

I was only 15 years old when I bought the record of the Goldberg Variations. Some days after, my parents invited friends for dinner, a small-sized couple, very ill-matched, with a foolish daughter who asked me to go to play in my bedroom. Without really knowing what we were going to play -I was a bit afraid but absolutely not excited- I invited her to sit on an ugly armchair, during the time it took to install the sublime variations on the player. Then I sat down at the other end of the room. After few minutes, she went back to the dining room, looking sullen and disappointed. I was saved and free.

Thank you again dear Mr. Leonhardt. Of course, I’m a little ashamed to give you as a last present this story of little interest, but I hope you will not be too angry at me.

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