Photoshop Shortcut Decal Stickers for Mac

[wide]Photoshop-Shortcut-Decal-GMS[/wide]We all know that the mouse is good enough for accessing most of the options and features you need in Adobe Photoshop, but did you know that shortcut keys work much faster? However, it can be pretty difficult trying to memorize every single shortcut on your keyboard, especially if you’re not someone who uses them in the first place. Well, if that is an issue for you, these Photoshop Shortcut Decal Stickers should do the trick.

Available for your Macbook or Apple keyboard, these decal stickers are meant to be stuck on your keys, giving you a cheat sheet to all the shortcuts right in front of you. No more fumbling around different keys trying to figure out which one is for the brush and which one is for the color picker. And once you’ve mastered all the shortcuts, you can easily remove the stickers – since they’re touted as residue-free, they shouldn’t leave a mess either. The Photoshop Shortcut Decal Stickers are available now for $15.99 on Etsy. Etsy is home to all things handmade — both kooky and wondrous. Here’s one that could be either, depending on your love of plastic building blocks.

Image source: Etsy
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