B&O Takes Cinematic Entertainment to a New High

Designed by David Lewis Designers, BeoVision 12-65 offers a new design expression, which has a very thin and light appearance that truly innovates the heavier plasma concepts seen so far. Besides using an ultra slim NeoPDP panel with the latest and greatest in plasma technology, two aluminium profiles bent inward in a V-shape – one in black and one in natural high-gloss polished aluminium – create an optical illusion giving the TV a thin, light and extremely elegant visual expression.
The actual frame is a very thin (almost foil-like) black aluminium sheet only a few millimetres thick that gives an impression of one uninterrupted glass surface with no visible joints.


The integrated centre speaker is placed below the screen and consists of five custom-made speaker units covered by a soft curved natural anodised aluminium grill with an intricate organic shaped hole pattern. Attention to detail is a must in this TV concept. Even the hole pattern in front of the speaker units is made according to certain acoustic specifications. The front plate of the integrated centre speaker is placed as a small protrusion adding a few extra mm to the thickness in the lower part of the TV, while maintaining a certain lightness in the overall design.


The TV comes with the latest in plasma technology offering an even greater experience in both 2D and 3D. The panel is a so-called NeoPDP panel, which includes new phosphors with a very short retention time giving improved 3D performance and a much better motion performance in 2D.


Image source: Bang Olufsen
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