Nomad Lamp by Belgian Designer Alain Gilles

This new lamp was created by the Belgian designer Alain Gilles for O-Sun, and it was specifically made to address the needs of families living in parts of the world that don’t have access to electricity.


In many parts of the world, kerosene lamps are used widely, but they often cause deadly accidents. The Nomad lamp is a portable rechargeable device that’s easy to operate and use, and is completely safe.


Using the included solar panel, once fully charged, the Nomad lamp will provide 6 hours of light at full intensity. The lamp only has one button and can be placed almost anywhere since it’s designed to be resistant to shocks and falls.

The luminous globe is protected by a silicone disk, further enhancing its usefulness. Simply leave it in the sun and go about your day… by nighttime you’ll have light at the brightest setting for up to 6 hours!


Image source: O-Sun
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