Turnable Rider Created by Cogoo

[wide][/wide] The bicycle sharing service “COGOO” developed the world’s first attached device for bicycles which converts a bicycle into DJ turntable, showing for the first time a fusion of “DJ” and “BMX” cultures. Share a bicycle, like music? The engineers over at COGOO, a bike sharing system in Japan, have managed to modify a BMX bike into giving it musical capabilities. To be more specific, the BMX bike has been modified to act as a controller for a DJ’s turntable and setup, allowing ridings to come up with creative and unique sounds and remixes simply by riding and performing stunts on the bike. Dubbed the Turntable Rider, COGOO has managed to allow the BMX’s wheels to double up as a turntable’s jog wheels, the brakes as the sound pads and a gyroscopic motion sensor installed on the bike lets it double up as a fader pad.
Various sounds are then transmitted to the bike via an iPhone or iPod touch. Check out the video above to see the Turntable Rider in action.

Video source: Cogoo
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