Stop Pushing the Mower! Be Lazy with Robomow

Do you own a garden? With a nice piece of grass? We find the simply easiest way for you to enjoy your garden this summer with no need to ever push a mower again!

The Robomow RM510 mower is a fully automatic lawnmower that cuts the grass for you, all by itself! Incredible!


Sit back and relax while the RoboMow RM510 fully automatic lawn mower cuts your lawn for you. Designed for lawns up to 500 square metres the RM510 can be programmed to start and stop mowing when you like.


It includes a docking system and Base Station for true automation. Simply set a weekly programme, and the RM510 will depart from the Base Station at the pre-set scheduled days and times. At the end of each operation Robomow® returns to its Base Station for charging until the next scheduled operation. Are you worried this might seem complicated? Don’t be! Robomow is incredibly easy to use. All you have to do is browse through the menu and set the size of your lawn and the time you would like it to start. As for the rest, leave it to Robomow!


Equipped with a rain sensor so the mower stops cutting in the wet and returns to base. An anti-theft guard and alarm system are standard for extra peace of mind.

Just imagine never having to mow your lawn again, no more weekends spent pushing your lawnmower up and down your garden…. With RM510 you can come home to the perfect lawn without having to move a muscle… Keep your energy for something else. Robomow will cut your grass automatically week after week.

Image source: Robomow
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