Light Up your Outdoor Areas with Philips

Now that spring has arrived, we all want to get the maximum enjoyment from our terraces and gardens. A lovely dinner, sharing a glass with friends…until the wee hours!
A great outdoor lighting can make these precious moments even more enjoyable.

5 tips for making the right choice of outdoor lighting:

• Choose elegant luminaires that match the style of your interior and your garden.
• Choose your luminaires from a range that also offers matching products (wall lamps, posts and/or pedestals).
• Choose luminaires that create a cozy atmosphere as darkness falls.
• Make sure that the lighting intensity is sufficient to guarantee comfort and safety.
• Check the energy efficiency of the luminaires to keep your energy bill as low as possible, and help preserve the environment.

Is your home interior modern? If so, your garden should be too! Ledino outdoor from Philips is the first range of outdoor lighting that is the perfect complement to contemporary interior design. These luminaires are minimalist and elegant. They are the result of a brand-new technology, PowerLED, which sets the bar for miniaturization even higher. The result? Compact, stylish luminaires that fit perfectly in your garden. Thanks to the PowerLED technology, they use five times less energy than the classic incandescent bulbs, and lasts a really long time. No more worrying about energy consumption or lamp replacement.

Wall lamps for decorative lighting effects, with bi-directional light beams.
Available in two colors (gray or anthracite) and two sizes, recessed or for wall-mounting.


Directed light for lighting up terraces and pathways.
Gray aluminium, available in two sizes, with or without motion.


Image source: Ledino Philips
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