Alessandro Dal Buoni

Alessandro Dal Buoni is one of these photographers that leap us up by a supreme aesthetic. One of these natural born artists that make you want to see realness in a new way…
Born in Italy and currently based in London, his collaborations include DIOR HOMME and KRISVANASSCHE.
We chose to show a few of his latest images for the KRISVANASSCHE-LINDA FARROW collaboration… The first line of the KRISVANASSCHE sunglasses.

Alessandro kindly answered a few questions…


GUSMEN: Tell us how it all started…

ADB: I have always loved taking pictures. I was using my mom’s snap camera. Then during a trip to Paris with my friends that camera accidentally fell into the Seine. So for my birthday, my mother gave me my first 35mm camera. Many years later, right after finishing the MA in Photography at the University of Westminster, I wrote a letter to Paolo Roversi, his office called me, and I went to Paris to meet him and assisted him a few times. It was magical and enlightening. Around the same time I published my first image, styled by Riccardo Tisci.
That’s how it all started.


GUSMEN: We are obsessed by the sharpness of your photographs. Does it mean something in particular or is it to ensure some kind of legibility?

ADB: It’s just the way I see things, my aesthetic. I’m not obsessed with the technical side of photography. I like clarity, and purity, and always aim for the essential and avoid the superfluous.


GUSMEN: Where do you look at for inspiration?

ADB: Films (Antonioni, Tarkovsky). Modern Dance (Pina Bausch, Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui). Youth movements (anything from boy scouts to goths). And the essential simplicity of certain photographers like Frantisek Drtikol, George Platt Lynes and Robert Mapplethorpe.

GUSMEN: How would you define the KRISVANASSCHE style?

ADB: Pure, honest, coherent.


GUSMEN: Where do you see yourself as from now?

ADB: Enjoying each moment, and following my instinct.

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