B&OPlay V1: Flexible New Flatscreen Redefines the Rule

Who says a flat screen television should decide where everything else in the room has to go?


The B&O PLAY brand from Bang & Olufsen announces today its first-ever television, BeoPlay V1, conceived to deliver flexible placement options and outstanding audio and video performance – all in a solid design package.
With its deep bass, well-defined highs and articulated mid-range tones, the BeoPlay V1 provides breath-taking aural landscapes right out of the box. Human voices are rendered with exceptional fidelity, soundtracks come alive from the lowest rumble to the highest tweet and music sounds like music can and should. BeoPlay V1 even detects the type of content you’re enjoying on screen, and automatically optimises sound performance to the source


BeoPlay V1 works without extra speakers, sub-woofers, wires or worries to provide an immersive audio experience that beats any standard flatscreen hands down. Bang & Olufsen’s proprietary Class D ICEpower amps power up the speakers, so all the sound most people will ever need is built right into the steel cabinet. Should you want to add extra speakers, the integrated 5.1 surround module and speaker/subwoofer connections are all there ready to go.

Designed by Anders Hermansen, BeoPlay V1 has its roots in a Scandinavian idiom of no-nonsense industrial aesthetics. The rugged steel cabinet, powder coated so that it feels almost soft to the touch, combines clean lines with exquisite metal joinery. The loudspeaker grill is stamped directly into the cabinet, below the screen. And the stainless steel stands connect unobtrusively and simply at all four corners.


The picture stays clear no matter what else is going on in the room or what you’re watching. The LED screen and powerful video engine keep things sharp, whilst contrast control adjusts to ambient light and dedicated film and game modes just as the director intended. Users can also adjust colour settings on their own in the advanced menu.


True to its Bang & Olufsen heritage, BeoPlay V1 is easy to live with. The graphic user interfaces are intuitive and simple. Connection to third-party devices is a breeze, and lets you easily detect and configure connected set-top boxes, gaming consoles, Blu-ray players, Apple TV2 (which can be placed inside the BeoPlay V1 cabinet), NAS servers and hard disks. The integrated media browser lets you view photo collections or listen to music on a USB drive or NAS server and the dedicated remote not only makes setup and channel surfing simple, it also handles third-party devices such as DVD players and digital recording devices, so everything can be commanded from one place.

BeoPlay V1 is available in 32” and 40”, in either black or white. Available exclusively at Bang & Olufsen stores.


Image source: B&O
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