Nelly Furtado – Spirit Indestructible

[wide][/wide] Nelly Furtado just released her latest music video for her single “Spirit Indestructible”.
The Canadian songstress performs the empowering anthem against the beautiful backdrop of the beach and snow-covered peaks of Grouse Mountain in Vancouver.

“This song means a lot of things to me ’cause it does have a spirituality to it and a positivity,” explained Nelly. “It’s meant to be empowering, it’s meant to be a tribute to all of us. We all have indestructible spirits.”
This video marks a return to Nelly’s roots, whose first video for “I’m Like a Bird” was also shot outdoors. “It’s got an elemental theme. I love nature,” she said. “I do see this new album as sort of a coming home into the original reason why I make music in the first place, which is to have fun and rejoice.”

Her new album drops in mid September.

Video source: Nelly Furtado
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