Belle Rose…

Here are some undeniable facts:
BELLEROSE, the Belgian 1989-born brand that captured urban casual wear crowds in the need for change by surprise.
And change came from style… A multiple urban look, evidence of which you will witness later on this winter season, based on a very inspirational layering of items mixing prints, colors & fabrics. The arty touch is mandatory.
The bottom line is simple & sharp… Do not dress to impress, dress your life away.

There is the brand, there is the collection and there are the stores.
The main Brussels store has “suffered” recent beautiful renovation. All based upon the idea of cedar wood and diverts with a bare-vintage refinement.



BELLEROSE counts 20 flagship stores in Belgium, France, the Netherlands and Spain and some 700 corners in multibrand stores worldwide, including the USA and Asia.

Ideas for export…

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