Patriot unconditional…

I saw this jock sun-walking down an island’s white & blue alley. He was wearing this varsity-ish tee shirt. The one that saves your style on Saturday nights and everyday for those who don’t wanna keep looking…
Such tees are like a message vision of things. All these letters, expressions, images are never enough to uncover yourself.
Do you keep on looking for the perfect message? The one that the less you understand, the more you got to have it?
So this is how it goes…


To my great surprise, this jock’s tee is Belgian and it’s from BSHIRT.
Founder Nicolas Borenstein, a NYC School of Visual Arts alumni, claimed being fed up of a certain anglo-saxon varsity style propaganda.


It was in 2007 and the time was for new codes. Messaging propaganda became derisively the power of Belgian mockery.
The Belgian balls referring to the 1958 Atomium giga-structure, fries (Belgian, not French), mayonnaise, and all the others to be discovered on, are the new symbols.


1000 items sold at the very beginning vs 100.000 sold currently in 100 stores and on-line.


Gentle twist from Belgians, for Belgians and for the rest of the world.
You need to be a fan:

Photography: Ganaëlle Glume
Concept & Art direction: Julya La Frite —>

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